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2020 VISION: The Sensory Bible Planning Experience

2020 is bound to be a significant window in His timing! Sensory Bible Experiences is proud to announce pre-orders of 2020 VISION: A Sensory Bible Planning Experience, our first July 2019 - June 2020 planner PDF Version available in mid-June 2019. Please subscribe to our updates for news. This is a guide to His appointed times, plus planning tools, lists, and a calendar with large boxes for plenty of notes or small square sticky notes which you can move around with ease! We will include one-page general overview on each major Appointed Time and much more to help you Enter In! Pre-order in the SBE store.


Living Arts Tabernacle: Reclaim Your Creative Levitical Role


Our founder, Selah Cohen, is working on our foundational ministry text and guide for creatives of faith. It shares the history of and vision for the Living Arts Tabernacle ministry, and will be full of insights in addition to wise counsel on discernment, growth, being set apart for the Master Creator's purposes, and more. Pre-order in the SBE Store.


Regather 2019: Your Purpose Unveiled  The Conference Sessions

If you missed this anointed event, the conference sessions are now available for purchase on the Regather Page!


Hidden: Your Purpose Unveiled  The Sensory Bible Audio Experience

Sensory Bible Experiences is thrilled to announce that this immersive audio resource will be available soon! Pre-order in the SBE Store.


Hidden: Your Purpose Unveiled,  The Sensory Bible Journaling Experience

The hands-on artistic journaling study through the engaging account of Queen Esther in a video course! To pre-order, please subscribe to our updates and add the resource title in the message area.


Thirst? Dirt? Doubt?: Jesus the Wellspring of Life

A cross between an enthralling movie and Bible study, the first immersive Bible experience produced by LAT's parent production ministry, Sensory Bible Experiences, explores our need for the living, cleansing, and strengthening Living Water. To pre-order, please subscribe to our updates and add the resource title in the message area.


Nearly Blind to Vibrant Visionary

Doctors told Selah Cohen she'd be blind by her thirties, but nearly twenty years later, she's gone from Nearly Blind to Vibrant Visionary. In her book by the same title she shares her rare diagnosis and how the vision for Sensory Bible Experiences came out of her darkest moment. To pre-order, please subscribe to our updates and add the resource title in the message area.


Other helpful texts, ministries, and resources:

MJBI School of Messianic Theology Online Certification Course, especially Dr. Greg Stone's course on Leviticus

Leviticus by Jacob Milgrom

The JPS Torah Commentary: Leviticus by Baruch Levine

Order in the Courts by Paul Wilbur

Living Stones: Your Journey into Habitation with the Living God by Marie Fowler

The Heart of the Artist and other books by Rory Noland

The Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer

Varous books by Matt Tommey

A Woman's Heart, G-d's Resting Place by Beth Moore (This is a great resource for men also.)

James Knabe, Shofar and Trumpet Performer and Instructor