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- Once added, introduce yourself and get to know other modern-day creative Levites.

- Share encouraging Scripture verses, thoughts, and prayer requests.

- Talk about topics relating to Kingdom creativity.

- Give and receive encouragement and inspiration for the journey.


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We are planning more events in the near future!



Illuminate Your Creative Purpose

Thursday November 29th 7:30pm US Central

How can you discover, fan into a flame, dedicate and develop your creative purpose then use it to share the Light of the world?

Explore this illuminating topic with other Kingdom creatives of faith.

We share quotes, thoughts, Scripture, share present projects then pray for each other.

Join us - simply submit a contact form and select Online Events at least one hour before the event.




The Creative's Biblical Identity
November 8th 7:30 PM US Central Online
What is our identity as creatives of faith?
Why were we created to create?
Enter into a deeper understanding of your identity as the Creator's creative!
You are invited to explore our Biblical identity and purpose as creatives and join us this Thursday, November 8th at 7:30pm US Central. To register, please subscribe to our updates and click Online Events.


Redemptive Story Well Told
November 14 7:30 PM US Central Online
What makes a great story? How can we as believers tell His stories well?
Join us to share about structure, substance, and story lines in various disciplines.

To register, please subscribe for updates here by clicking Online Events.