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Wednesday December 12th 2018 7:30PM US Central
Tribe Talk: The Creative's Biblical Identity
What is our identity as creatives of faith? Why were we created to create? Enter into a deeper understanding of your identity as the Creator's creative! You are invited to explore our Biblical identity and purpose as creatives during an online community conversation. Please subscribe using our contact form to receive the invitation. We hope to see you then.
"Our visit tonight was Awesome! I'm so grateful to have been invited! I am looking forward to the journey The Lord is taking me on thru this avenue! He is SO GOOD! And He brings us together in ways that never cease to amaze me! I am looking so forward to exploring the identity aspect of my creativity! I believe that is where The Lord has led me and what He has for me to learn at this point in my walk with Him!!" - Neal Palmer, Author
"Enjoyed our discussion tonight. Heard some interesting things about identity and the anointing / calling of the tribe of Levi. For those who are curious about these discussions, they are definitely worth your time." - Michael Shoder, Musician
Tribe Talk: Redemptive Story Well Told
Wednesday November 14  7:30 PM US Central, Online
What makes a great story? How can we as believers tell His stories well? Join us to share about structure, substance, and story lines in various disciplines. Subscribe with the Contact Form to receive invitations and updates.


November 29th, 2018 7:30PM US Central

LAT Tribe Talk (Online Converstions): Illuminate Your Creative Purpose


This holiday season, let the Master Creator shine His light on your purpose! Join us for an online conversation where members share ideas, thoughts, Scripture, and quotes about our topic. We also share present projects and prayer requests, then pray for each other. Submit a Contact Form to receive the invites and updates. Thank you and see you then!

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