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He longs to regather His creatives,

once hidden, now unmasked and unveiled.

You are invited to His banquet!


Regather. Rebuild. Rededicate.

Be the offering.


Regather '19 will be Sensory Bible Experience's first online conference for creatives who want to explore their Biblical identity in order to encounter their purpose and leave a legacy.


Professional, multi-discipline faculty members experienced in the arts, education, and ministry will lead inspiring and motivational discussions, main sessions, and comprise a Q & A panel:

Selah Cohen, Founder and Director of Sensory Bible Experiences and Living Arts Tabernacle

James Knabe, Founder of Sound the Shofar Ministries, Shofar/Trumpet Educator and Performer

Marie Fowler, Founder of All Glorious Within and Identity University, Author of Living Stones

Donna Martelli, Founder and Director of Beautiful Feet Dance Ministry, Author of G-d Said Drop It

Nathan Ashton, Multiple Award-Winning Postproduction Audio Engineer,  Imaginative Art


Enjoy intimate prayer and worship sessions infused with the Master Creator's presence and facilitated by Selah Cohen, director, producer, and vocalist and James Knabe, shofar and trumpet minister.


Tentative Schedule

Friday March 22nd
7:00pm Regather Starts: Welcome and Overview,Sounding of the Shofar 
Sabbath Blessings - Selah Cohen
Opening Worship - Selah Cohen,  James Knabe
7:10pm The Shofar in History and Practice - James Knabe
8:10pm Nearly Blind to Vibrant Visionary - Selah Cohen
8:40pm Reclaim Your Creative Role and Purpose - Selah Cohen
9:15pm His Scribe, His Story: Written Word as Ministry - Writer Discussion
9:30pm Worship - Selah Cohen, James Knabe & Scriptures
9:45pm End
Saturday March 23rd
10:00am Regather Resumes: Opening Prayer & Scripture - Neal Palmer, Worship - Selah Cohen, James Knabe
10:15am When G-d Says Drop It - Donna Martelli
11:00am Creative Ministry in a Tumultuous Culture - Round Table
11:30am Wired for Story: Media which Resonates then Leads to Realization and Redemption - Nathan Ashton
12:20 Break
12:30pm Presentation of Hidden
1:30pm Come to the Banquet - Selah Cohen
2:00pm  Closing Worship - Donna Martelli, Selah Cohen, James Knabe
2:15pm Commissioning & Prayer, Thank You, and Aaronic Blessing - Selah Cohen
Close by approximately 2:30pm.

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March 1st-21st $45.00, March 22nd until 3pm Central $55.00

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Regather '19 Faculty



Selah Cohen is a passionate presenter and multiple-discipline creative with over 25 years of expertise in entertainment, fine arts, performance, and education. She is an artistic director, playwright, and producer with a vision to see creatives discover their Biblical identity, realize their potential, and learn to leave a legacy for the Kingdom through Sensory Bible Experiences and Living Arts Tabernacle.  She studied education and theater, toured the U.S. for a national theatrical company, worked in film and television in California as well as Colorado, and traveled to Mexico and Spain as an interpreter and Dramatic Arts Ministry Director. Her design, directing, and production work has been viewed online in over 30 countries. Most recently she was asked to direct a scene from Hidden, her original musical about Queen Esther, for Gateway Church Performing Arts' Night of Scenes 2018.



Marie Fowler’s greatest passion is to spend her life at the feet of her extravagant King.  Awakened to love at an early age through what would become a lifetime of transformational encounters, Marie lives and ministers from a place of deep intimacy and identity. Whether it be through small home fellowships, worship communities, or houses of prayer, Marie releases revelation and edification to the Bride about her true identity, calling her to awaken to the glory of God within. She will encourage and inspire us during a main session to be recorded later this year. She is planning a ground-breaking tour to Isreal focused on the Twelve Tribes. Marie is the author of Living Stones: Your Journey into Habitation with the Living God




James Knabe is a professional trumpet and shofar artist.  He has performed across the USA and Italy. James holds a Master of Music degree from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA where he studied with the players of the Boston Symphony and Pops. James is the shofar player with the Jewish Ministries worship team at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX.  As a brass instrument player and teacher, James developed a unique shofar learning workshop that includes a hands-on group shofar lesson. He teaches trumpet and shofar in the DFW area as well as around the country. James and his wife and six children travel the country regularly living a life of faith and ministry. You can learn more about James as well as his ministry activities at



Donna Martelli was a professional ballet dancer with the Harkness Ballet of New York, and formerly taught dance at Butler University, Indianapolis, IN. She holds certifications in Personal Training (AFTA certified} and Pilates (AMFPT certified) and is a licensed BioCored instructor. Donna's story was recently featured on The 700 Club. She is the Director of Beautiful Feet Dance Ministry and the author of When God Says Drop It: Chronicles of My Healing available on She will share her story as one of the main sessions and be a part of our panel.



Nathan Ashton is an award-winning audio postproduction engineer, Foley artist, producer of a TV program, and world traveler. who holds two higher education degrees and audio industry certification. He is blessed to have worked on a broad range of media projects with people across the United States (Beyond the Mask, The Reliant, Polycarp, Risen),  and in seven foreign countries. Nathan loves to see important stories, the kind that move and inspire people, made potent through the craft of visual storytelling. He believes that we are wired for story, we consume them, and they re-program us. There is no more powerful tool to improve the lives of people. He is a father and devoted husband working hard to make the future a better place for his children. Connect with Nathan through his site





Hidden Regather '19 Banquet Theater Cast



Stephanie Parker (Hadassah/Esther), Panelist

Stephanie's passion is to simply use the gifts and opportunities God has given her for His glory.  She has performed extensively for television (The Shepherds Treasure as host for her own business, Shark Tank as business owner, Jewelry Channel), film (Gospel Color Wall, Joy in the Morning), and stage (Dolly in Hello Dolly, Mrs. Banks in Mary Poppins). She speaks four languages fluently, has a love for all things creative, and is grateful to be able to use some of her creativity to portray the role of Esther in this production. Stephanie is married to her best friend, Brett and they have two adorable kids (8 and 4) who keep them on their toes most days.



Neal Palmer (Mordecai)

Neal was a featured announcer for roadshows and at the Texas Motor Speedway, is an author with two books awaiting publication, and has appeared in the short film The Crimson (Elder, Leathersmith) and The Crimson Experience, The Star of Bethlehem Experience (The Potter) and The Passover Experience, all produced at Caperneum First Century Village. He lives near Weatherford, Texas and loves to minister through acting and writing.


Bill Stevenson (King, Narrator. Teresh)
For over 40 years, Bill Stevenson has acted in stage, TV and film projects in the U.S. and Europe. Currently, he teaches English and the arts for a small international school in Kazakhstan. He spends summers working on acting projects, based out of The Netherlands. His latest project for KLM Airlines received nearly 800K views in its first week on their Facebook page.


Steve Landsee (Memukhan, Haman, Bigthan)


Steve has been performing his whole life, mostly as the class clown and solo comedy performances for his wife.  He has performed several stage roles and has appeared with Fish Sticks Improv Comedy. He also co-produces and co-directs with his wife for Reflexion Theater Co. 



Chelsea Landsee (Zeresh)


Chelsea is is the founding artistic director of Reflexion Theater Co in Bedford, TX. She sang her first solo in church at the age of two and has never looked back. Besides appearances on stage and screen, she also directs, stage manages, and writes. Soli Deo Gloria!




Crystal Aldrich (Yasmin)

Crystal returns for another role in Hidden, is a new member of the One Move Dance Ministry, was a Tornado Siren Dancer, FC Dallas Girl, and later traveled with the Ambassador Bible College Chorale. She enjoys using her spiritual gifts through dance and voice. Performing arts provides a change of pace from her career in banking as a business analyst, technical writer, and mortgage underwriter.



Main Sessions

The Shofar in History and Practice - James Knabe

The shofar plays a significant role in G-d’s incredible story of redemption.  In this main session, shofar artist James Knabe will share the history and scriptural significance of the shofar, along with traditional and contemporary use. Additionally, he will teach the sounding and meanings behind the major shofar calls. This session is designed to be educational and inspire participants toward further study and a richer worship life.


Nearly Blind to Vibrant Visionary: Identity, Purpose, and Vision for Focus (The SBE and LAT Story) - Selah Cohen

How can tunnel vision in this world of distraction help you gain a  new view which informs purpose? See yourself in the story about how G-d used a devastating diagnosis to open Selah's eyes to a wrong perception, reveal to her a fresh perspective, then give her visionary focus. Selah's powerful testimony and vital points help listeners identify their individual calling, and help them begin to discover their identity, purpose, and vision within the Kingdom. 


Living Arts Tabernacle: Reclaim Your Creative Identity - Selah Cohen

Selah prepared this message for creatives who are tired of walking in the wilderness of the world trying to find ministry fulfillment, who want to discover their true identity, and are ready to know their Creator's original intent for their artistic lives, then live it out with His Divine Power! Shake off the negative dust of the journey and look to His radiance again- He is doing a new thing- a new thing predicted thousands of years ago! The ancient plan is more relevant than ever – and it involves you!


Designed to Restore God's Holy Habitation: The Tribes of Levi and Judah

Discover the Master's Blueprints and Commission for the tribes of Levi and Judah, two creative powerhouses. Marie will illustrate their unique callings, spiritual DNA, triumphs, strengths, and the weaknesses they struggle with. She will ignite your passion as a groundbreaking fore-runner and kingdom-builder within the creative arts!

His Scribe, His Story: Written Word as Ministry - Marie Fowler
Are you burning with a message from the Lord?  Discover the Father's calling for you to write in HiS STORY. Learn how to awaken the anointed writer in you from a deep place of encounter in His glory.


G-d Said Drop It - Donna Martelli
Strange and seemingly unrelated symptoms plagued Donna, and she discovered she was quite ill, though all her tests came back totally normal. The doctors were baffled as they searched for some label to attach to the strange things that were happening to her. Donna will share how G-d healed her completely, miraculously! May your faith grow as you hear how He lovingly worked with her to the place where she could receive that healing.
Wired for Story: Media which Resonates Then Leads to Realization and Redemption - Nathan Ashton

We consume stories and they re-program us. It is vital for believers in media to tell important, potent stories which inspire, move, and resonate with their intended audience through different genres. Great story makes us ask questions, then seek G-d for answers. Great story should cause someone to wonder, “How do I get through this, receive that strength, and find hope for my journey?” or “I am overwhelmed, what now?” The media that we produce can’t effectively disciple because souls still need that personal connection to be transformed. Nathan will explore how we infuse that practice into our storytelling craft.


For Such a Time as This: Come to the Banquet - Selah Cohen

Discover how to partake of the scrumptious future the King is throwing by embracing your beauty treatments, and how to wisely use your influence as His Bride!


We would like to thank our Regather '19 Sponsors:

Reflexion Theater Company 

Christian Filmmakers Association 


"The praise times were great! So were the workshops; they were nicely varied and the topics were extraordinarily free. And it was wonderful to get to know so many creatives, who both believe in God with our whole hearts and embrace creativity on every level, including challenging the status quo." -- Luci Stanley, Mordecai Network and Attendee, Infuse 2010: A Creativity Encounter (produced by Sensory Bible Experiences Founder and Director, Selah Cohen)